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In order to continue with our ministry, we need assistance in many forms. If you can get involved or help support us with finances, goods or services that will enable us to continue reaching out to help others, we know that God will bless you in return. We cannot accomplish all the work that is yet before us without the aid of concerned individuals & organizations that see the need & are willing to help.

All donations made to Riovision are legally handled through the National Heritage Foundation whose professional staff ensures efficiency so that your donation will be used effectively.

Riovision makes giving easy, effective & tax-deductible. Making a donation to Riovision allows you to share some of your resources where they will do the most good. Your success in life can have even greater significance & can literally change the world for someone…and it will enrich your own life in ways that only giving & sharing can do.

Cost effective use of charitable dollars:

One of Riovision's core values is to remain extremely cost-effective in our use of charitable dollars. We strive to keep Riovision’s administrative overhead as low as possible. Cost effectiveness is further multiplied by the increased buying power of the dollar abroad, & the fact that grassroots investment offers a tremendous return on philanthropic investment.

Benefits of Giving to Riovision:

  • Is set up to make giving easier & more effective, eliminating many of the challenges encountered by those wishing to help deserving causes locally & abroad.

  • Due diligence & accountability. Through the National Heritage Foundation all legal & regulatory issues are handled professionally, ensuring that funds arrive safely & are properly used, as well as monitoring grantee effectiveness.

  • Tax deductibility. As a qualified public charity, contributions to Riovision are eligible for maximum allowable federal tax deduction.

  • Qualified & effective projects have been pre-screened & are accountable to the National Heritage Foundation, & thus to you, the donor.

  • Low administrative overhead.

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